Snorkel Gear

Snorkel gear is important to cover as a part of the Turks and Caicos series, because it’s an item you can rent at the many resorts, but also crucial to own if you want to snorkel when your heart desires.

The typical snorkel set includes:

  • mask
  • snorkel
  • fins

Mask, Snorkel, and Fins Set
You have the option of buying the mask, snorkel, and fins as a set, or buying them separately. Personally, I especially like Aqua Lung gear because of the quality and price range.  It is a important to have a mask that gives a wide view, which most masks offer. While some masks give a wide panoramic view, where the side of the mask has an extra panel so the diver can have peripheral vision, this is not a “must-have”.

A purge valve and splash on the snorkel is important to have because both prevent sea water from getting into the snorkel and when the water gets into the snorkel, allows the water to easily be eliminated.

If you are a beginning swimmer, a life vest is great to have on hand. Most of the resorts have this available.

The Aqua Lung size chart:

Small : Men (4-7) / Women (5.5-8.5)
Medium : Men (7-10) / Women (8.5-11.5)
Large : Men (10-13) / Women (11.5-14.5)

Other swim gear includes:

The neoprene mask strap covers keeps from hair becoming entangled in the mask strap, which is annoying and painful. The rash guard protects the skin from the sun and accidental brush ups against coral. Board shorts serve the same purpose as the rash guard. If the waters are colder, consider using a wet suit.

Please click on the link to view a series of snorkeling YouTube videos.


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