Cold Breakfast: Cottage Cheese, Green Apples, Almonds, Cinnamon, and Honey

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Mornings are rough for me because I like to stay up reading books on my Kindle. I’ll head to bed at 10 PM and stay up until 12 AM reading. The problem with this is that I end up getting up a little later than I want. I enjoy making breakfast for my Hubs because it makes me feel like he’ll have a good day. This is ever so important to me.

Last night I thought I’d try to make breakfast at night and set the delay brew option on my coffee maker. This morning was really nice. It took me no more than a minute to bring breakfast to the table. It took me about 5 minutes making breakfast last night. Put the following in your choice of bowl or shallow cup. I like putting them in ramekins* or a shallow double-walled glass cup*.

2 cups of cottage cheese
1 Green Apple – chopped
2 handful of Almonds
1 tsp of Cinnamon
Honey – drizzle on top

Chill overnight. Serve in the morning.

*This blog post contains affiliate links.


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