Istanbul, Turkey Series

This Tuesday interrupts the Turks and Caicos Series to update you there will be a new Istanbul, Turkey Series. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I thought I’d introduce to you, the Turkish jjimjilbang (Go Google that…) because my Hubs and I will be indulging in good eats and HAMAM, the Turkish Bath. Scrub a dub dub. Hamams and the bathing methods are 600 years old. Hamams are an ancient place of  family deals, where Moms scoped out their future daughter-in-laws. That’s close and personal too fast so soon, no?

Here’s a few know-hows so you walk into a hammam like a pro:

1)  Choose a hamam that suits you. Most of them are gender specific.
2) Bring your toiletries, including a comb or hair brush, and what you usually use after showering or bathing. Hair dryers are available.
3) After you arrive, you’ll be directed to a locker, and be given a scrubbing glove, and towel.
4) Under your towel, be comfy in your own skin and wear what makes you comfortable, as well: swimsuit, underwear, or nothing is acceptable.
5) When you enter the hamam,  wrap thyself in a towel, and wear slippers that they give you. No slip and fall accidents, please. After all, “slippery when wet” applies here.
6) Get hydrated because the  the hamam is warm. Before lying on the dais, drink water and don’t be shy,  pour water on yourself.
7) Lie down, relax and let time go by on the dais for about 15 minutes. When an attendant gestures you for your scrub, you’ll be ready.
8) You’ll indulge in a  10-minute scrub with wash splashed on you, when you’ll get a lathering of soap and massage for about 10 minutes, and finally a wash-down.




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