Fitness Slump

My fitness routine hit a slump last week. It’s been bad. This week I’m on vacation, so I’m walking EVERYWHERE. I have found a few things help me stay motivated: 1) change it up; 2) reach deep down inside to figure out WHY and write it down; and 3) keep a friend accountable and ask your friend to keep you accountable.

What has worked for you?

Change It Up
There are headache days, sick days, i-don’t-wanna days, it’s-cold-outside days, etc. I found changing it up helps on these days. I like my kettle bell workouts, but I found I don’t always feel like it. When I don’t, instead of taking the bus or train, I walk it out. I haven’t started yoga, yet, but my go-to exercises are working the kettle bell or walking it out and I never go without either too long.

Your Deep-down WHY and Write It Down
Hypertension runs in my family and I can’t dodge it, so this is my deep-down reason to keeping active. I have also put down the shallow goal of, “to look good in a bikini”. I think keeping deep-down goals and shallow goals are equally important.  When you write down your goals, it helps you commit to them because they become ingrained in your brain. Having a goal that is deep seeded helps to keep a meaningful reason as to why you’ve committed to your fitness routine. Have you tried this? Has it worked?

My girlfriend on the West Coast and I like to keep each other accountable on our workouts and when we finish, we like to check in with each other on WhatsApp. It’s nice to know she cares and likewise, I try to keep her motivated and positively reinforce her activities by throwing her a thumbs up or happy face emoticon. It’s nice to know I have her support and she has mine.

What do you do to keep up and running on your weekly fitness?



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