Part 7 of Jamaica, Jamaica! Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Mile and Carl the Spice Man

Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Mile

You can’t forget about Bob Marley when you visit Jamaica! Located in St. Ann’s Parish, the Bob Marley Mausoleum is located in Nine Mile. The tour guides are informative about Bob Marley’s life and history. Our tour guide sang us a few Bob Marley songs and then fill us in on the story behind the song. You will smell spliffs burning, so don’t act surprised.

First off, you head straight into a bar where you could pick up libations of your liking.  Next, there is a tour of a museum. Then walking up the hill, you will visit Bob Nesta Marley’s home and his final resting place. You will not be disappointed by the amazing view. The Bob Marley Mausoleum is where Nesta lived, grew inspriation for his music, and meditated. Walking through the home he grew up in, you get the see the bed that he slept in, the surroundings that inspired him, and the rock that he meditated on.

Carl the Spice Man

This blog post is dedicated to Carl, who we learned on our last visit to Jamaica, passed away. Carl walked us through the spices and fruits that grow on the island and in the Fern Gully region. He was extremely knowledgable about the local horticulture and showed us a great time.


Part 6 of Jamaica, Jamaica! The Fern Gully


Continuing from Part 5 of Jamaica, Jamaica! Today I will be writing about the Fern Gully. Next Travel Tuesday, I’ll move on and write about Carl the Spice Man and Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Mile. The Fern Gully was memorable and my favorite part of my first Jamaica trip.

The Fern Gully runs along a 3 mile long road in Ocho Rios in St. Ann’s Parish. Along the road are appoximately 600 species of fern. The road was paved in 1907 after an earthquake rerouted a river. The riverbed left behind rich soil and a diverse species of fern and trees. The foliage is so thick, it creates a tunnel of greenery, where slivers of sunlight peer through. The temperature is about ten degrees cooler due to the tunnel of ferns. The Jamaica National Heritage Trust Act preserves this natural phenomena as a protected national monument.

Part 5 of Jamaica, Jamaica!

Continuing from Part 4 of Jamaica, Jamaica!, today I will be writing about Black River. Next Travel Tuesday, I’ll move on and write about the Fern Gully, Carl the Spice Man, and Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Mile. I hope to compile these and make a Travel Guide Section on

The Black River is in St. Elizabeth Parish in Jamaica. This long river, a little over 33 miles, has mangrove tree roots meandering in clusters along its banks. The Black River is also home to the American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus). These crocodiles are the smallest and least aggresive of their kind. Chartering a boat is the best way to go in order to see the River. The tours can be as short as an hour and a half and as long as four hours and includes lunch with some vendors. The current lowest rate I found is $15 per person. You can contact KnowJamaica Tours and speak to Javia to work out a customized tour of Black River: Phone – 1-876-859-4739 or (the site plays music as soon as you open the page.)

Travel Tuesdays: Part 4 of Jamaica, Jamaica!

YS Falls

Located in St. Ann Parish, YS Falls used to be a cane farm.  The property was also the site of a factory. The estate was a logwood supplier, exporting logwood to Europe, which was used to make dye.  YS Falls is a beautiful visit. It was not as busy as Dunn’s River Falls when I last visited Jamaica.

You will end up riding a tractor-pulled trailer, swim in natural spring water, and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Like Dunn’s River, you will have a guide who follows you to ensure you safely navigate the smooth limestone and know when to safely jump in the water. You can jump in the water by using one of two rope swings. You can also zip-line through the beautiful scenery.

To learn more, visit:

The Rates are, as follows:

Adult: $17.00 USD
Child(3-13YO): $8.50 USD



Travel Tuesdays: Part 3 of Jamaica, Jamaica!

On our first visit to Jamaica, we visited the Appleton Rum Estate, Dunn’s River Falls, YS Falls, Black River, Fern Gully, saw Carl the Spice Man, and Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Mile. I will walk through these excursions with you and what you should bring for the next few Travel Tuesday posts.

Today’s review is on Dunn’s River Falls. Dunn’s River Falls is in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. A tour guide will lead you through the falls and help you along the way, telling you where to place your feet. If you do not want to bring your camera because it is not waterproof, there will be a videographer and photographer who takes your picture at the beginning of the tour and it is $8 to purchase the picture, thereafter. The water is refreshing on a particularly hot day. If you bring water shoes, make sure they are not water clogs or Crocs. You may lose them. We saw a few floating past us. Water shoes are required on the tour. They are also available for rent. Vendors also sell them for $10 in Jamaican colors if you want to bring a souvenir home. The tighter they fit the better because the water will make it easy for your feet to move around in your water shoes. Walking through the water towards the waterfall, if you go up on your left-hand side, there will be rails and steps. If your group goes up towards the right, it will be a more adventurous route. Either way, be cautious and vigilant. Holding hands with your group might seem cheesy, but once you slip, you’ll be happy someone is there to pull you up.

Vendors upon exiting may be interactive with you (aka aggressive) and ask you to have a “gift” and then turn around and ask you for money by asking you the worth of that gift to you. This is very tricky. Be wary and do not accept a “gift.” Also, do not tell them your name because they will carve a souvenir with your name on it and ask you for what you think the “gift” is worth.

Admission: $20 per person
*Busy times are Sunday through Tuesdays when the cruise ships dock and the other tourists join in on the fun.

What to bring:

  • Bathing suit or swim trunks/board shorts
  • Water shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Waterproof camera (optional)
  • Waterproof bag to keep your camera, wallet, and other personal items in while you are perusing the falls.
  • Money

Foodie Fridays: Favorite Summertime Rum Libations

Yum, rum! As an extension of this past Travel Tuesday post on the Appleton Rum Estate, I thought I should post two of my favorite rum drinks:

Jamaican Rum Punch

2 cups Appleton Estate Silver Rum (Jamaican white rum)
1 cup Appleton Estate VX Rum (Jamaican light rum)1 cup fresh lime juice
2 cups grenadine syrup
4 cups of Pineapple-Orange Juice
Maraschino cherries, pineapples, or oranges for garnish (or all of them)

Mix it up. Serve it up.

Pina Colada

1 1/2 oz Appleton Estate VX Rum (Jamaican light rum)
2 oz Coco Lopez® cream of coconut
2 oz pineapple juice
1 cup crushed ice
Maraschino cherries, pineapples, or oranges for garnish (or all of them)

Blend it. Serve it up.

Travel Tuesdays: Part 1 of Jamaica, Jamaica!


When I think of Jamaica, I think of the Muppets singing Kokomo, the vibrant green hills, rum punch, pina coladas, my feet in the aqua blue water, the Caribbean sun, the delicious local food, and Bob Marley and the Wailers.

I visited three parts of the six main areas of interest in two trips. The first trip I took in June 2010 with my boyfriend at the time, who has since been promoted to Hubs. The second trip to Jamaica was during the second leg of our honeymoon. This post will cover my first trip and the next Travel Tuesdays post will cover my second trip that I took this year.

I visited Ocho Rios in June 2010 with my boyfriend, now Hubs. We flew into Montego Bay (Mo’ Bay). We stayed in Jamaica for 5 days and 4 nights. Although we stayed at the Couples Resort in Sans Souci, unlimited alcohol did not keep us from leaving the compound. Actually, we knew from the start we wanted an authentic Jamaica experience. We wanted first-hand inhalation of the culture, the food, and the people. My Hubs found KnowJamaica Tour and the owner, Marva on Trip Advisor. After speaking with her via e-mail, he booked a few excursions and tours to Appleton Rum Estate, Dunn’s River Falls, YS Falls, Black River, Fern Gully, saw Carl the Spice Man, and Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Mile on three excursions.


Our tour guide ended up being Javia, Marva’s son. It was an awesome surprise and value-add that Javia stopped by local food joints where the food was delicious and the people were smiling and friendly. Marva called us while we were on the first trip to check in with us and make sure we were having a wonderful time. Javia, her son, gave us details about each city we were driving through and they were not just fun facts, but details about history and how people live. We stopped by local eateries and had yam, ackee, and fish, ox tail and rice and peas, and jerk chicken at the Ocho Rios Village Jerk Center. You might get Jamaican food at the resort, but the authentic food is outside those walls and barbed wire.

Since my Hubs loves photography (the images are his work), Javia allowed us to stop to take pictures of the countryside, bulls, ox, goats, and the local scenery. It was absolutely beautiful. The first day was so awesome, we decided to book a second day with Javia in visiting the Fern Gully and Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Mile, a village in Saint Anne Parish. To top it all off, Javia was an extremely safe driver and always makes sure his clients are well taken care of. I truly feel that I would not have gotten to know Jamaica without Javia and Marva. We had an irie time in Jamaica!