Fall Nail Polish Trends

Nail polish trends come and go with the seasons. The air is crisp in New York City today. I know it will heat up this week, but to prepare everyone for the fall, I researched a few nail polish trends. Glamour magazine said they spotted jeweled tones on runways for the Fall during Fashion Week. Each hand has a complementary, different jeweled Fall tone. Ditch the accent nail for this trend. A few of my favorites from my fall nail polish trend research include glittered nails and red nails, which are found on the Glamour magazine, Lipstick site. Please see the source below.


The fall trend on glitter is sparse gold glitter on naked nails. I love this look because it is classy and simple and understated:

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 11.46.42 AM


Red is my favorite color, so I was happy to see an old fall trend come around again. My other favorite fall trend is the candy apple red polish and ox blood polish on short nails, which are both making their round this season:

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 11.49.04 AMScreen Shot 2015-09-14 at 11.49.32 AM

All picture sources: http://www.glamour.com/lipstick/2015/08/fashion-week-fall-2015-hair-makeup-and-nail-trends/


Part 2 of At-Home Gel Polish Kits: Kiss Gel Polishes

Kiss Gel Polishes


Kiss Gel Polishes have “generations” of application forms. Kiss called the first generation of their at-home gel polishes, everlasting Gel, which comes in a nail polish bottle. More recently, they have taken one line of nail strips they call “gel DRESS.” This differs from the first generation in that they can be used with or without the Double-up Gel Top Coat. The product detail states that the nail strips will last one week when used with a regular nail polish top coat and last up to two weeks when used with the Double-up Gel Top Coat. The Kiss at-home gel French Manicure are in the form of the nail strips and I will review this application form in Part 4 of At-Home Gel Polish Kits.

Today’s review is about the first generation Kiss everlasting Gel. You may purchase this online at Kiss’ site. The Gel polish was available in 15 shades, however, now is available online in two colors: Petal, which is pink, and Really, which is red.  Kiss everlasting Gel is also available in 12 shades, including a french manicure option, on the Kmart site, and in Kmart stores.

The polish color that I bought, which is a deep burgundy, Kissed, is no longer available on the Kiss site, but is available at the Kmart site. I found that my polish lasted three days on my thumb and middle finger. There is no base coat that I used with the polish. I didn’t use a base gel polish because I found it to get very thick and the color started to run into my cuticles. However, I also found that instead of adhering to my nail, the polish started peeling on its own.

I prefer the Kiss everlasting gel polish over the strips because I like the polish look over the strips. You also get more wear from the bottle. The strips come with at least 4 times the wear and that means sometimes having to cut your strips to size to ensure the right fit. The ability to peel the polish off is a nice option, but with that comes the oops-there-goes-my-polish moments.

Part 1 of At-Home Gel Polish Kits: Best Practices

I bought the Senationail Kit four years ago and it sat in my closet for three years. The Sensationail Kit is an at-home led light cured gel polish kit. A year and half ago, I bought a Kiss at-home gel color when Kiss sold gel polish in drugstores. I tried the Kiss polish with the Sensational Kit and it was a nightmare.  The color ran into my cuticles and I was upset for mixing brands.

Turns out, you CAN mix brands and it only took me another year to figure this out.


After reading a nail blogger’s best practice to not use primer or the base gel coat with Kiss gel polishes, I gave the Kiss polish another try. In a series of covering at-home gel polishes, I will cover 1) Best Practices 2) Kiss Gel Polishes 3) Sensationail Polishes and 4) French Tip Options for at-home gel polishes. Today, I will begin with Best Practices.

Best Practices

  • Getting a close to flawless at-home gel polish application takes practice.
  • Using a primer will help the gel polish adhere to the natural nail, this usually comes with the Sensationail Kit.
  • The gel base coat is not necessary with the application of Sensationail gel polish, as the base coat creates a thicker application of the polish.
  • Sealing the nail edge during each application of color gel polish or clear gel top coat will keep the gel polish lasting for two weeks.
  • The first coat of color gel polish does not have to be perfect, however, be careful to not get the color on your cuticles. This will cause lifting.
  • The color gel polish is controllable until cured, so take care to clean up the polish around the cuticle with a Kollinsky nail brush before curing it.
  • Use a nail spoon or cuticle pusher, after soaking the gel polish in acetone to get the gel polish off faster than using an orange stick.
  • Lighter, multiple coats of polish, cured under the LED light, after each coat, ensures an optimal application.
  • No need to buy the finishing solution. Just use rubbing alcohol to remove the stickiness after curing the top coat.
  • When using nail gel strips like the Kiss gel DRESS Collection, ensure the gel strips do not pucker at the nail edge by filing from the top of the nail edge to the back of the nail edge and use the orange stick to push the strip down to ensure full adhesion to the natural nail.
  • There is an alleged small emission of UV light with LED lamps. I usually put sunscreen on my hands and then wipe off the sunscreen from my nail beds with rubbing alcohol.
  • Updating your french manicure is like getting a fill on acrylic nails. You may be able to see where the “fill” is on the nail. To avoid this, file the pink gel polish down, buff each nail and reapply the pink polish and gel top coat, then cure.

If you could add a best practice to this list, what would it be?

Day 3 Nails

Day 3 Nails. Wrecked. Dry cuticles and chipped tips. I’m rough with my hands,  and my polish shows. Here, I simply 1) applied tape 2) polished the tip with Essie Sand Tropez 3) applied Essie Good to Go Top Coat and 4) applied Julep’s Ta-Da! Quick Dry Drops. This should last me another three days and reinforce my tips against chipping, breaking, and promote nail growth.

Alternatively, you can apply a nail treatment – I like Julep’s Oxygen Treatment – and wait it out until Friday for your weekend polish change.




What do you do for Day 3 nails?